Yoga for Humankind Online School

Join our global learning community in trauma-informed yoga and embodied social change


30hr Trauma-Informed Yoga

Gain a comprehensive foundation in our integrative, transformational and embodied approach to trauma-informed yoga – weaving yoga, social justice and spirit for personal and collective wellbeing.

10 Nov - 10 Dec 2020

30hr Yoga, Social Justice & Spirit

Explore the connections between yoga, social justice and spirit, and your own role in embodied social change, for a world grounded in love, wellbeing & equity for all. With Indigenous Trauma Healing organisation We Al-li.

19 Jan - 19 Feb 2021

30hr Embodied Facilitation & Community Practice

A transformative practice module to develop, embody & hone your skills in trauma-informed facilitation, take yoga effectively and respectfully into community settings, & build communities of care & practice. 

2 Mar - 1 Apr 2021


Be part of the movement for embodied social change, love & equity

Welcome to our growing global community dedicated to personal and collective wellbeing through embodied healing and relationship. Join dedicated programs for your own personal healing and resilience. Or train with us to bring the benefits of embodied, trauma-informed yoga to people of all walks of life, within and beyond the yoga studio. 


Join our global community in embodied, trauma-informed and social justice education. Our courses can be taken as stand-alone modules for personal or professional development, or together for our 100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change.


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